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Always Maintain Good Notes

A good rule of thumb is to copy down all diagrams as completely as possible and write down anything you think you might not remember. Write them down where you can read them and put them in order by date for easy reference later. Come up with a shorthand system so you don’t have to write down every word. Use abbreviations where possible so you can keep up.


Try to go home and retype the notes, adding any extra information. Some teachers bounce back and forth between topics. You may remember something they mentioned that you didn’t have time to copy down or it may be written down in a different place. Then study your notes and any extra information you’ve added.  The night before every class, read through the material in the book that you predict or have been told will be covered that day. Use review questions at the end of the chapter to make sure you have a basic understanding of it.

Write down any questions you have and ask your teacher. You’ll be so far ahead of the curve during class the next day that even the most difficult questions will be easy. When it comes to little facts like dates, names, and equations, our memories are very good at quickly forgetting, especially when these facts just get replaced with new ones. Studying a little bit every day keeps the information fresh in your memory, making it easier to remember.

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