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Quick Books Training


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Basic bookkeeping skills will be reviewed in class. During class participants will use New Company Set-Up to create a new company. All company default information will be reviewed. Data file entry and modification including chart of accounts, customers, vendors, inventory and employees will be reviewed. No product knowledge required.

QuickBooks is an automated accounting program. Small to medium-sized businesses would use a program such as QuickBooks to manage the day-to-day business transactions for purchases, sales and payroll.

Our QuickBooks course is an overview of the components of a computer-based accounting program. For our clients that need more in-depth advice about particular QuickBooks issues, we offer the services of a consultant to perform an on-site visit.

Performance-Based Objectives:

  • Open an existing set of books for a sample business.
  • Create a new set of books for an example business.
  • Edit the account list to add, and edit account titles.
  • Create customer and supplier accounts.
  • Create purchase orders and handle invoices and bills received.
  • Create sales orders and invoices for sales to customers.
  • Receive payments from customers.
  • Perform banking operations
  • Maintain the financial reports.
  • Maintain an employee list.
  • Discuss the concepts of producing a payroll from an accounting program.

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