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Data Base Managament  System( DBMS )


·Modeling Language

·DBMS Features and Cpabilities

·Models of Data Bases

·History of Data Bases



Working with Data Bases


·Data Definaton Languages( DDL )

·Working with Tables

·Data Types

·Data Manipulation language ( DML )


·Cascading Rules

·Truncate and Drop Commands


Data Retrival Language

·Querying Data

·Built-In Functions

·Classification of Functions

·Mathematical Functions

·String Functions

·Date and Time Functions

·Conversion Functions

·Group Functions


·Set Operators

· Clauses

· Sub Queries

· Joins


Transaction Control Languages




·Save Transaction



Rules of Normalization

·1st,2nd,3rd  Normal Forms

·Boyce- Codd Normal Form

·PL/SQL Programming



Working with Cursors


·Cursor Process

·Declaring a Cursor

·Opening a Cursor

·Closing and Deallocating a Cursor


Working with Function


·Function Process

·Declaring a Function

·Opening a Function

·Closing and Deallocating a Function


Working with Triggers


·DML Triggers

·After Triggers

·Instead of  Triggers

·Nested Triggers

·DDL Triggers




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