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Combine Study Is Always Profitable

If you do the homework, the readings, and pay attention in class, there’s almost no way you can get bad grades. Make sure you don’t slack off because a certain assignment is “just graded for completion.” There is no point in doing homework if you aren’t going to do it right. The information will be useful later on for the tests or final exams. Make homework time fun. Turn up the music and have some snacks handy.

If that doesn’t work, reason with yourself. Remember that teachers have to do the same amount of work you do but for all of their students. They only assign homework that is necessary for you to learn the material. You could get bonus points. Most teachers reward students who are active and participating with extra participation points. This could be a sizable chunk of your grade. Paying attention in class makes the homework a million times easier.

You’ll have much more free time breezing through your homework at night if you’ve already spent the time in class thinking about it. It makes tests easier, too. If you’ve already spent an hour that day in class engaged, you have to study that much less. This is the number one tenet of getting good grades: always, always, always pay attention in class. Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why: You might miss some important information. Plenty of teachers talk about tests and quizzes in class. If you’re not paying attention, you could miss the answers.

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