Course Name : SAP MM

Faculty : Realtime Experience

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Highlights in our Training Service:

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Course Content:

  • Introduction to ERP
  • SAP MM Training Overview
  • Functions and Objectives Of MM
  • Overview Cycle of MM
  • Organizational structure of an Enterprise in the SAP R/3 SystemCreation of Organizational Elements – Company, Company code, Plant, Storage Location, Purchasing Organization, Purchasing Group and Assignments.
  • Material Master
  • Define attributes of Material Types
  • Define Number Ranges for each Material Type
  • Material Master Creation and Display of Material List

Vendor Master

• Define Account Group and Field Selection (vendor)
• Define Number Ranges for Vendor Master Records
• Vendor Master Creation and Display Vendor List
• Info Record
• Define Number Ranges for Info Record
• Define Screen Layout at Document Level
• Creation of Info Record and Display Info Record List
• Source Determination
• Maintaining Source list
• Define Source list requirement at plant level

Purchase Requisition

• Creating different types of PR Documents
• Creating Number Ranges
• Screen layout of PR
• Release procedures for PRs

Request for Quotation

• Creation of RFQ
• Maintain RFQ
• Price Comparison List for the RFQ

Outline Agreements

• Define Document type
• Define Number Ranges for Document Type
• Define Screen Layout at Document Level

Schedule Agreement

• Define Document type
• Define Number Ranges for Document Type
• Define Screen Layout at Document Level

Purchase Order

• Define Document type
• Define Number Ranges for Document Type
• Define Screen Layout at Document Level
• Release procedure in POs

Inventory Management

Goods Movement Goods Receipt – GR
• Creation of GR
• Cancellation of GR
• Return Delivery to Vendor
• GR for STOCK Types
• GR for Partial Delivery
• GR w/o PO
• GR wref to Reservation
• Goods Issue – GI
• Creation of GI
• Creation of GI wref to Reservation

Transfer Posting – TP

• TP from Plant to Plant (1 step & 2 step process)
• TP from Sloc to Sloc
• TP from STOCK to Stock
• Reservation
• Creation of Reservation
• Reversal of Reservation

Special STOCKS and Special Procurement Process

• Consignment
• Subcontracting
• Pipeline

Logistics Invoice Verification

• Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
• Invoice for Purchase Order
• Unplanned Delivery Costs
• Blocking the Invoice
• Releasing Blocked Invoices

External Services Management

Define• Number Ranges
Define• Number Ranges for Service Entry Sheet

Integration with Other Modules

• Integration of MM with FI/C
• Integration of MM with PP
• Integration of MM with SD
• Useful MM Reports
• Tables in SAP MM

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