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Form A Study Group With Friends

In general, studying in groups is more effective than studying alone.  And it’s more fun! If it’s convenient, meet bi-weekly. Just make sure everyone involved is clear that you are meeting to study, not chat about other things. Study groups are more effective when they’re done right. It’s not time to fool around! Designate someone as the group leader and decide which topics you’re going to cover that day.

Have everyone bring a snack and some drinks and come with a few questions prepared to bounce off the group. However, if you have a friend that will bring you down or distract you while in the study group, tell them you need to focus, and rather than fooling around, hang out with them during your own time. tudy when you have small bits of free time.

Carry around some flashcards to run through for when you have a spare moment. On the bus? It’s flashcard time. Waiting in line for lunch? Flashcard time. Waiting for mom? Flashcard time. All of that time begins to add up and gives you more free time at night for fun. These are great to do with a friend, too. When you have 5 or 10 minutes before class, turn to the person next to you and ask them if you can quickly quiz each other. This way you can study using your eyes and ears, which is easier to remember.

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