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Start Your Extra-Curriculars Now

If you want to excel in extra-curriculars in high school – which is a great way to get scholarships, attract attention to schools in general, and show you’re well-rounded – you need to start now. There will be some really good athletes and performers in your high school, so keep up with them by starting early. Experiment with a few activities while you’re still young enough to drop them if you don’t like them and pick another.

And don’t just stick to one area – if you’re big into sports, branch out to dancing or a musical instrument. If you’re more artistic, find something athletic to give a try. You could be great at it! Read the class descriptions and talk to other students who have taken the classes you’re interested in. Taking a class just because a friend is taking it too won’t help you and, what’s more, your friend will probably just be a distraction.

Instead, look for classes with students and material that is slightly above your level as the best motivator is competition. Ask your teachers, older students or consult the Internet to find the best sources for supplemental readings. Use several reference books that will augment your understanding of the material. This way you’ll be able to truly wrap your brain around any concept your teacher presents you.

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